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Cellacare Materna

Cellacare Materna

How an orthosis can help

At home, at work or wherever you are, a maternity support belt may provide
relief from back pain.

Cellacare® Materna Classic & Comfort

Orthoses for stabilisation of the lumbar spine during pregnancy.

  • Cellacare Materna is intended for non-specific pain in the lumbar spine and
    iliosacral region during pregnancy caused by incorrect loading or poor posture.
  • Cellacare Materna stabilises the lumbar spine by supporting the abdominal and
    back musculature, providing relief for the back and support for the belly.
  • Both orthoses also aim to improve impaired balance.

Both Cellacare Materna Classic and Comfort variants are designed with complete
safety in mind, from the physical structure of the orthosis to the materials used. The
aim of wearing either of these is to relieve lower back pain. Cellacare Materna is
designed to help you carry the extra weight of your unborn baby and ease your last
months of pregnancy.

Both variants of Cellacare Materna:

  • aim to correct misaligned posture.
  • aim to improve impaired balance.
  • have integrated stays that help stabilise the lumbar spine.
  • are made of breathable, moisture control material.
  • have additional straps that enable individual retrofitting.
  • are easy to adjust.

Cellacare® Materna Comfort

  • Colours: taupe/white
  • 4 sizes for an individual fit
  • modern, feminine design
  • flattened area on the hand grip to ease opening of the hook-and-loop fastener
  • pleasant skin sensation
  • soft material on the inner side of the belt for good wearing comfort
  • borders designed to be soft
  • not made with natural rubber latex
Cellacare<sup>®</sup> Materna Comfort
Cellacare<sup>®</sup> Materna Comfort

Cellacare® Materna Classic

  • Colours: black/green
  • one adjustible size, fitting for a hip circumference between 80 and 125 cm
  • closure system (hook-and-loopfastener) is easy to use
  • 2 integrated stays help stabilise the lumbar spine
  • flowers as feminine design elements
  • anatomical shape
  • made of polyamide, polyurethane, cotton, polyester, elastodiene, elastane, polyethylene
Cellacare<sup>®</sup> Materna Classic
Cellacare<sup>®</sup> Materna Classic


How to put on the Cellacare Materna: