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Frequently asked questions about Cellacare Materna

Frequently asked questions about Cellacare Materna

Why does my back hurt during pregnancy?

As your baby grows inside you, it affects the shape of your spine. In some cases, the spine adjusts a little bit too much, creating a hollow back posture that can ultimately lead to pain in the lower back and in the pelvic area.1 Hormonal changes, which can cause ligament to become looser, may also result in back pain. Overall, 58% of all pregnant women experience pregnancy-related pain in the back and pelvis.2,3

What is Cellacare Materna?

Cellacare Materna is a line of specialty back orthoses which stabilise the lumbar spine during pregnancy. This type of back orthosis thus provides support in daily life and can relieve back pain. For optimal wearing comfort, there are two different versions, so you can choose the best one to meet your needs: the Cellacare® Materna Classic and the Cellacare® Materna Comfort.

How do the back orthoses work?

These orthoses are designed to correct misaligned posture during pregnancy and to provide back relief. Thanks to the integrated stays, the back orthosis helps stabilise the lumbar spine and improve balance during pregnancy. Additional pulling elements allow individual retrofitting of the orthoses.

How do I put the Cellacare Materna back orthosis on correctly?

Always stand when putting the orthosis on. Open the hook-and-loop fastener and flatten out the orthosis in front of you. Apply around the lower back and underneath the belly. Close the orthosis underneath the belly using the hook-and-loop fastener. Pull the pulling elements, which are placed on the sides, to the front and fasten them in such a way that there is a pleasant sensation of support in the back and belly area. Now check the fit of the orthosis and reduce or increase the pressure as desired by pulling on the hand-grips placed on the sides.

What is the difference between the two versions?

Both back orthoses are comfortable to wear and easy to use thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener.

The Cellacare® Materna Comfort is available in four sizes to ensure you can find the right size for you. Four integrated stays help stabilise the lumbar spine. Feels pleasant on the skin because these products are produced without natural rubber latex and soft materials are used on the inside.

The Cellacare® Materna Classic is anatomically shaped and has two integrated stays to stabilise the back. It comes in one adjustable size.

Which size is right for me?

Proper sizing is based on hip circumference. Our size chart will help you select the right back orthosis:

How will I get the right orthosis?

An expert at a specialist shop will be happy to advise you and help you select the right maternity belt for you. You can find a specialist shop near you here:

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When should I use it?

Incorrect loading or misaligned posture may cause non-specific pain in the lumbar spine and iliosacral region during pregnancy. The pain is often quite severe between the fifth and the seventh month in particular. A supportive orthosis can help relieve back pain at home, at work and everywhere in between.

Can I wear this orthosis and go about my daily life as usual?

Yes, because the breathable, moisture control material is comfortable to wear in any situation. The modern design with the integrated floral pattern has a feminine look. The product can also be washed at 30°C.

Can I wash the Cellacare Materna?

Yes, both maternity belts can be washed at 30°C. To protect the hook-and-loop fasteners, it is recommended you close them beforehand and place the entire orthosis in a separate wash bag. Do not iron, tumble dry or dry clean the orthoses.

Should I wear the orthosis at night too?

We recommend only wearing the orthosis when you are active because this is when your back needs extra support. You should take off the orthosis when you are resting, i.e. at night as well.

Can I wear this orthosis when exercising?

You can of course also wear the Cellacare® Materna back orthosis when exercising. Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can even help further reduce back pain. You can wash the product at 30°C after exercising.

Can I also wear this orthosis under my clothing?

You can of course also wear this orthosis under clothing. The material on the inside of the belt and also on the edges is designed to be comfortably soft. However, we recommend wearing the orthosis over a t-shirt or camisole.


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